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Technology semester courses introduce students to the wide variety of work performed today and future in our technological world.  Through laboratory experiences and hands-on activities students explore the organization, function and evolving technologies in our world.  Emphasis is placed on transferable skills and an understanding and demonstration of tools, machines, materials, processes and systems used in business and industry. 

​Teacher: Mr. Hackley

 Grades - Homework
·         Agenda Planners should be checked daily for assignments, homework, projects or comments.

·         Interim Reports are issued at the mid-term.

·         Report cards are issued every nine weeks.

·         Interim Reports and Report Cards inform parents about academic & behavioral progress.

·         Parents are strongly encouraged to conference with their child’s teachers.

·         Peak periods for conferences are around Interim Reports and Report Cards; therefore, it is strongly suggested that conferences be scheduled early!

          GRADE                                PERCENTILE
              A                                           90-100
              B                                           80-89
              C                                           70-79
              D                                           60-69
              F                                            0 -59

Conduct is Satisfactory  -   1

Conduct Needs Improvement - 2

Conduct is Unsatisfactory - 3