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Grading Scale

A = 90-100  B = 80-89  C = 70-79  D = 60-69  F = below 59

Students must pass math, language arts, science and social studies and they must pass five out of seven classes for the year to be promoted to the next grade. Grades D and above are considered passing.

​​​FSA Scores - where can you find your scores?

Math can be fun!  ​

Students enjoyed a glow day math review in preparation for the FSA in Mrs. Tello's class. See more pictures on our FaceBook page.​





Ms. Boss
6th Grade - Rm 214
Before School: 8:50-9:20
After School: 4:15-5:15
Lunch & Learn: 11:08-11:38
After School: 4:15-5:15
During 6th Per: 1:49-2:30
Virtually (Teams): 5:00-6:00
Lunch & Learn: 11:08-11:38
After School: 4:15-5:15
Before School: 8:50-9:20 On an as needed basis or during special circumstances.
Ms. Turner
8th Grade
  Teams 5:30 - 6:30
Code: eux1swo
  Teams 5:30 - 6:30
Code: eux1swo
Ms. Frank
7th and 8th
  Before School: 8:50-9:20 Before School: 8:50-9:20 Before School: 8:50-9:20 Before School: 8:50-9:20  


·         Each teacher may assign homework.

·         Each grade will work together to ensure that students are not overloaded with homework.

·         Students are responsible for the completion, and the return, of their homework.

·         The Agenda Planner should be checked daily.  Both the student and parent should note when projects and reports are due to avoid a last minute overload of work.


Academic and Behavioral Concerns

Should parents or guardians have questions regarding students’ academic or behavioral concerns, the first, and best, place to start is with the teacher. Only the teacher directly involved will be able to answer your specific questions. Please call the school to schedule an appointment, giving the teacher at least 24 hours notice.  Should you feel the need for additional assistance after having spoken to the teacher, the House Leader or Guidance Counselor should be consulted.  

Academic Resources